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How to Water: Watering should be done by hand using a hose or watering can ensuring water is applied directly to the root ball. Ensure water is soaking into the root zone area and not simply running off. Irrigation such as pop jets, sprayers and soaker hoses should only be used for supplementary watering until the bamboo are established.

How Often to Water: Bamboo must be watered on a daily basis when first planted. During warm, windy or extended dry periods water may need to be applied twice daily. As the plants mature and establish roots into the ground, the level of water needed is reduced. Once fully established, they will require only normal watering.

How Much to Water: Each bamboo plant should be watered to field capacity, that is until the root ball is completely saturated and water is running off and no longer being absorbed.  

When to Water: Ideally water should be applied in the morning or evening to reduce evaporation and allow the bamboo to take the water up. Watering should applied daily.

Automatic Irrigation: If installing irrigation systems, remember that this should only be used as a supplement to hand watering. Irrigation should always be connected to an automated timer to ensure it comes on a daily basis.


NOTE: Gracilis can dry out very quickly if they experience a lack of water – this will be immediately evident by looking at the plant as leaves will begin to curl and roll up on themselves and appear a grey/blue colour rather than a lush green as they usually do. If this happens, saturate the bamboo immediately and leaves should uncurl and go back to normal. If the bamboo dries out too far, leaves may not uncurl and will shed/drop off.

Remember even if it has been raining, bamboo should still be watered daily as rainfall alone does not usually provide a sufficient amount of water.


Watering is the key most important part of getting your bamboo plants established and is all that is required to keep them looking great.


It is critical that bamboo are not allowed to dry out and are watered on a daily basis when first planted until roots develop into the ground. In the warmer months this should happen within a  few weeks.

Regular watering is the key to your Bamboos success!

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