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Gracilis Bamboo (Bambusa textilis var. Gracilis) is a tough, fast growing, upright clumping Bamboo ideal for creating dense privacy screens or adding a lush tropical feel to your garden.


Sydney Slender Weavers provided us with some huge bamboo which which were extremely healthy  and much bigger and bushier than we had seen at a number of other nurseries.

Their massive size created a instant privacy screen to block out our neighbours new two storey house which was exactly what we needed.


Thanks​ again.


Michael Grinham 


Genus/Species: Bambusa textilis var. 'Gracilis'

Common Name: 'Slender Weavers Bamboo'

Height: 6-8m

Width: 1-1.5m

Culm size: 25mm diameter




Compact and upright form with multi-stemming habit, this non-invasive clumping bamboo creates excellent coverage and makes a great privacy screen. Foliage stays lush and green all year round and drops minimal leaf so is excellent around pools. Culms (stems) grow to a maximum of 25mm making it easy to maintain and keep trimmed if required. Excellent in narrow spaces, along boundaries and also does well in pots and planters. Very fast growing and will easy screen a two storey building very quickly. Tolerates cold and frost very well down to -9C.



Slender Weavers Bamboo will grow in a range of soil types however prefers a rich well drained growing media. When planting dig a hole around twice the size of the pot and backfill with a good quality organic soil mix. To speed up root development water in with Seasol and apply liquid fertiliser every 2 or 3 weeks. Until established Slender Weavers Bamboo will require a good level of water, however once established are drought tolerant. For more detailed information see Planting Guide, Watering and Pots & Planters.


​Once established, Slender Weavers Bamboo requires very little maintenance however it is recommended that regular watering is undertaken during the growing season (Summer months) and mulched well with an organic mulch. A slow release fertiliser with a high nitrogen content can be applied every 3 months to keep foliage green and promote new growth. Responds well to trimming, to keep at a certain height, prune once a year similar to any other hedge. For more detailed information see Maintenance

Creating A Privacy Screen

Slender Weavers Bamboo is ideal for creating living privacy screens in a variety of situations and will easily screen a two storey building very quickly.


To create a dense privacy screen it is generally recommended that plants are spaced at one (1) per metre which will quickly grow into each other and form a continuous line of upright stems with thick foliage cover which is retained year round.


The Bamboo can then be trimmed to any height desired, similar to any other hedge, to create a compact screen. Screens can also be created in pots and planters, again with spacings of one plant per metre. For more information see Creating A Screen.




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