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Slender Weavers Bamboo is generally a low maintenance plant however simple maintenance on a semi-regular basis will ensure much healthier looking plants that are more resilient and grow much quicker.



To keep your bamboo lush, green and promote rapid growth, regular applications of fertiliser is the key.

Fertilisers high in nitrogen are preferred. Slow release fertilisers such as Osmocote or an all-purpose lawn food are ideal. Liquid fertilisers such as PowerFeed or fish emulsion are also great. Seasol can be used to promote root growth initially after planting and regular applications of compost are a great way to help improve soil health.

Slow release fertiliser or lawn food should be applied every 3 months with an application just prior to Summer when the Bamboo will be shooting. Liquid Fertiliser can be applied monthly during the growing season. Compost can be applied any time of year.


Wherever possible, Gracilis Bamboo grown both in the ground and in pots should be mulched. Keeping your Bamboo well mulched year-round has a number of great benefits including:

  • Reducing moisture loss and frequency of having to water

  • Maintaining a regular soil temperature

  • Improving soil health

  • Suppressing weed growth

  • Improving the visual appearance of gardens


Organic mulches which breakdown and add organic matter to the soil are best. Pine bark, sugar cane, lucerne and pea straw mulches can all be used. Mulch should be laid around 50-100mm and can be mulched right up to the bamboo stems. Over time, the Bamboo will begin to form their own organic mulch from the gradual shedding of leaves.


You can trim your Gracilis Bamboo to any desired height to suit your situation. Stems can be pruned at any point however it is best prune just above a node (where leaves are shooting from). Ideally pruning should be carried out once the stems have flushed out with foliage.


One of the biggest benefits of Gracilis Bamboo is that the stems are flexible. This means when trimming, you can stand at ground level and simply bend down each stem you wish to prune. No ladders or expensive pruning equipment is required, just a sharp pair of pruners, loppers or secateurs.


Gracilis Bamboo can benefit from being ‘thinned out’ from time to time to remove any old or dead stems. It can also be thinned out simply to reduce the thickness or density of the plant and allow more light through. Stems can be cut down to ground level to open the plant up which will promote now growth. This should be done at the end of winter when the stems and nodes have flushed with foliage.  

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