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Growing Bamboo in Pots & Planters

Gracilis Bamboo performs extremely well in pots and planters as long as the pots are of a good size and they are receiving regular watering. Grown in pots, a tall and lush screen of 5-6m can be created which is a great option when Bamboo can’t be planted in the ground.

Choosing Your Pot

Size: The key criteria to ensuring Gracilis Bamboo thrive in pots and planters is ensuring they are of a good size to enable future root growth. If planting a single Bamboo in a single pot, round pots should have a diameter and depth of 400-500mm and square pots a length/width/depth of 400-500mm. Alternatively, long planters or troughs are ideal with standard 1m x 500mm x 500mm sizes perfectly accommodating 2-3 Bamboo and creating a nice screen if placed in a line with 500mm between them.

Shape: Square, round and rectangular pots are all suitable, the main thing to ensure is that the shape is not too top heavy. Pots with a narrow base and wide mouth are not advisable as the combined weight of tall Bamboo can result in the pot toppling over during storms or windy days.

Material: Plastic, terracotta, ceramic and fibreglass resin composites are all suitable options materials to plant Bamboo in. Fibre-glass resin is particularly durable.

Drainage: It is critical that whatever pot is used, it must have drainage holes to allow water to escape and ensure the Bamboo do not sit in water or have ‘wet feet’.


A high quality, premium potting mix should always be used when planting Bamboo in pots. Potting mixes should have a high peat or coir content and ideally contain controlled release fertiliser and water storing crystals. If a good quality potting mix is used, it will be free draining enough and won’t require any further drainage layer at the base of the pot.

Potting mix should placed into the pot and filled just enough so that the top of Bamboo root ball sits around 75mm from the


A 50mm layer of organic mulch should be placed on top of the pot and sit just below the pot rim to ensure moisture retention, suppress weed growth and give a visually appealing finish.



Bamboo grown in pots will require more regular watering to maintain health given the roots are fully contained within the pot. Due to the increased water demand when grown in pots, it is recommended that irrigation should be setup on an automatic timer with individual drippers setup in each pot.

Regular applications of slow-release fertiliser should be provided every 3 months to ensure sufficient nutrients are available. This can be complimented by monthly applications of liquid fertiliser – see Page X for more details on fertilising.

Just the same as being grown in the ground, Bamboo in pots and planters can be trimmed annually to maintain a desired height.

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