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Receiving Your Bamboo

Upon taking delivery of your new Bamboo or getting your Bamboo home, plants should be watered to ensure any moisture lost during transport is replenished. Ideally, the Bamboo should be planted straight away however if this is not possible, place them in a cool, shaded position and remember to keep them watered until planted.

If at any stage you notice the leaves of the bamboo curled or rolled up, this is a clear sign the Bamboo are wilting due to lack of water and are under stress. If this happens, water the Bamboo immediately with water directed into the centre of the root ball. If caught within an hour or two and watered, leaves will usually unfurl and return to normal health without any signs of damage.

If the Bamboo stays dry for a prolonged period, the chances of long-term damage increase. This will generally result in yellow and brown leaf and leaf tips forming and potential shedding of foliage. They may recover from this stress re-growing new foliage however if dry for too long, the plant may die with no chance of recovery.

If you are concerned at any stage regarding water stress, text 0424 284 531 or email photos of your Bamboo to Sydney Slender Weavers immediately an we can provide fast professional advice to make sure your Bamboo are properly cared for.

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